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Mirror/Not Mirror
Mirror, not mirror,
I see myself clearer.
The love unrequited
Madness of the commited.
Mirror, not mirror,
I see my pain clearer.
Lonely and abused,
Exploited and used.
Mirror, not mirror,
I see my worth clearer.
That I am not undeserving
Of the things of my yearning.
Mirror, not mirror,
Please see yourself clearer.
The suffering we have known
Need not be born alone.
Mirror, not mirror,
I beg you shine clearer.
Fate needn't be to corrode and bend,
For it may yet be possible to shine true til the end.
©2016, J. S. DeArruda
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Desert Storm
Electrical storm, ionized gas
Does the dusty air turn to glass?
Heaven turns white, Heaven turns black
Another flash answers back.
Hot, dry air turns to rain
And I wonder when I'll be home again.
- J. S. DeArruda, 2008
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My Love Walked Away
My love walked away
But she is happy now
Though I am as miserable as ever
My love walked away
And skips joyously with new love
I claw along the ground as a cripple
My love walked away
But I still love
Perchance I hate myself for not being good enough
My love walked away.
-J.S. DeArruda, 2014
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Alux Apologizes
He was dimly aware of his own wakefulness, in much the way as one who finds himself awake for no reason after too little sleep. He forced his eyes open and could not see. Panic began to set in. He fumbled at his surroundings. The ground was stone, the air cool. He was prone, upon his back, with little strength. His armor felt heavier than it ever had, his sword was not nearby. He began to hyperventilate.
With effort, he slowly brought his breathing under control. The last thing he did before he found himself this way? He was reaching out, there was heat and brightness the likes of which he had never known. The Sun. Yes, he was trying to tap into the power of the Sun, he was seeking the power needed to defeat the god of death, Rannak the Plague-Handed. Alux focused his consciousness inward, and was relieved to find his divinity intact. But now something else abided within him, something that was not a part of him.
Alux tried to rise, and found himself far too weak. He slumped back to th
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We reach for the sky,
And find a new land waiting.
Our world grows larger.
©J.S. DeArruda, MMXIII
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Just Be Yourself
I have no problems
With being a bad person.
Go fuck yourself, punk.
ŠJ.S. DeArruda, MMXIII
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And so the mind ariseth from the aether,
Dreams sparkling in its luminescence,
Thought hums like spinning chimes.
It looks out over the sky, seeing others
Of its kind twisted and broken;
And wonders what is here
To lure so many to such a fate.
Then it sees the stars,
Looks long, and knows why so many risked the journey.
The aether ripples as the mind dives back in,
Joyfully dreaming new dreams.
©J.S. DeArruda, MCMXCVII
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I Will Not Have the Cross
A freak?
Because I am different?
Am I truely insane
Only by your lack of comprehension?
I am strange,
But when has that been a sin?
I am ostracized for your conformity,
Have found confinement from your ignorance,
And I have been made to suffer for offenses
That I had no hand in.
These things I will bear no longer.
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Tranquil Ocean
In a rainbow pool of Thought
Feeling the current massage my skin
My body slips from mind, and I float.
Quiet, serene
One with everything, ready for nothing
Vulnerable to etheric indulgences
Eternity silently wanders past
My feelings a sleepwalk dance
I am past all influence, there is only me now
And I am happy.
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In the Queue
I wait and wait, long hours and days pass by.
Always have I found patience hard to fake.
My queries, my missives, would pile up high
If the form of dead trees they were to take.
I wish not to pester, to be a nag.
So I limit my prods and pokes somewhat.
For what motivates one's feet more to drag
Than down one's neck breath impatient and hot?
And still I yet wait for affirmation.
And my gears spin freely, devoid of use.
For I've awaited news of progression
Whilst fearing my mind may soon grow obtuse.
And so of you I once again inquire
If there is yet end in sight of this mire?
©J.S. DeArruda,MMXII
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Edge of Night
Once upon a time,
I don't remember when,
I sat upon the edge of night,
My legs dangling over the end.
Splashing into space,
A place of emptiness and promise.
Thinking not of the future I'd become,
Of the future on the rise.
It's been so long since I left,
But I'll visit soon.
Renew my vision of life,
Vacation from this banal cocoon.
Change and renewal,
Perhaps this time
Some reason to the rhyme.
©J.S. DeArruda, MIM
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Into a Cocoon
Well, it's early on a Sunday morning.
I should be sleeping, but I'm not.
I'll just pour myself another drink
And hope my wakefullness'll be shot.
It's been a time since something mattered.
Tomorrow doesn't look like a change.
I guess the last couple of years took a toll.
Is it normal for the strange to feel strange?
I keep telling myself what I should do.
But I don't listen worth a damn.
Tired of fighting for nothing,
Especially when all the fighting's a sham.
My iron resolve just feels rusted through.
Be it peace or a real battle, I need something new.
©2011 Jeffrey S. DeArruda
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Rabbit Velveteen
Was I your rabbit velveteen?
For every sadness and every joy,
At your side I have been.
I imagined myself more than a toy.
Was I your rabbit velveteen?
Your favorite plush to hold?
To be with you in life's every scene
Was my aspiration bold.
Was I your rabbit velveteen?
Was the warmth I gave too much?
Was it just a fevered dream?
Were you immune to my fuzzy paws' clutch?
Was I your rabbit velveteen?
In your absence inferno consigned.
A source of disease was the deem.
You wandered, other things in mind.
Was I your rabbit velveteen?
There is no fairy in this tale.
Into fire and smoke, never again seen.
And for you I silently wail.
Was I your rabbit velveteen?
©2009 Jeffrey S. DeArruda
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Burning Time
I set empty hours afire, but they give me no warmth.
I dive into my emptiness, but there is no depth.
The time has been long, yet the passing is unmarked.
My life drifts forward, yet it seems to be parked.
I live in memories, and it kills me.
©J.S. DeArruda, MMX
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I defend what's right.
I am human and have flaws.
I am Ironman.
©J.S. DeArruda, MMX
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Overall, excellent quality of work. My only complaint is that the angle does not give much of a sense of how long, front to back, Marau...



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So many things I have been and done over the years. Poet, philosopher, laborer, clerk, soldier, analyst... I've lived paycheck to paycheck, been unemployed for long stretches of time, I've been abused, I've been idolized... I've had people tell me I was the smartest person they've ever met, yet some of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my entire life have come out of my own mouth.

I'm arrogant, and I know it. But when all is said and done, I am a very unexceptional person who was cursed with exceptional potential. And I have lived up to pretty much none of it.

Current Residence: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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So, I've got a basic rundown of the stories I'm going to write for my short story collection for NaNoWriMo. I mean bare bones version of the bare bones version. Hunted down an old adventure serial from the 1930s to maybe give me ideas on plotting and pacing it out.


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